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carneggy's Journal

Mr. Flonkflonkflonk
25 May
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  • Carneggy
Someday I will have to update my interests. People wanting a faster communication route can try Yahoo IM - I usually leave that running, although I'm not at home to respond to it during business hours.

Born in Virginia. Went to college briefly in Pittsburgh, again briefly in Virginia. Migrated to a black hole in Indiana, then escaped to Chicago. Been there since '95. I've worked for many facets of Satan: tobacco advertising, role-playing game production/sales, college radio, the insurance industry, fast food, a student loan collection agency, and teddy bear manufacturing. Currently employed by a monolithic not-for-profit to do database work and trawl the web for information.

I also maintain eggycaption, a daily caption-this-picture community I inherited (i.e. shanghai'ed) from a former LJ'er.